Scientific Program

  • » 24-February-2022
    ISMISS Turkey
      SESSION 1
    Mehmet ZİLELİ
    08.15-08.30 Opening Joachim OERTEL, Mehmet ZİLELİ
    08.30-08.45 Endoscopy in cervical degeneration Joachim OERTEL
    08.45-09.00 The history and evolution of endoscopic spine surgery Benedikt BURKHARDT
    09.00-09.15 Endoscopic posterior approach in thoracic spine Joachim OERTEL
    09.15-09.30 Anatomy of the Kambin triangle Tunç ÖKTENOĞLU
    09.30-09.45 Principles of transforaminal endoscopic lumbar discectomy under local anaesthesia and conscious sedation Yener ERKEN
    09.45-10.00 Safety of irrigation in lumbar endoscopic discectomy Altay SENCER
    10.00-10.30 Refreshment break
      SESSION 2
    Cumhur KILINÇER
    10.30-10.45 Perfect timing for lumbar discectomy Serdar KAHRAMAN
    10.45-11.00 Preoperative planning & step by step technique of lumbar transforaminal approach Hikmet ULUĞ
    11.00-11.15 Preoperative planning & step by step technique of lumbar interlaminar approach Altay SENCER
    11.15-11.30 Lumbar migrated herniations: existing classifications and when TF when IL? Hikmet ULUĞ
    11.30-11.45 Technique of transforaminal percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy for migrated disc herniations Yener ERKEN
    11.45-12.00 Unilateral biportal endoscopy for stenosis Tarık YAZAR
    12.00-12.15 Endoscopic tubular procedure for cervical foraminal stenosis and for migrated lumbar disc herniation. Benedikt BURKHARDT
    12.15-12.30 Discussion
    12.30-13.30 LUNCH
      SESSION 3
    Sebastian GITTER
    13.30-13.45 Spinal cord herniation: Case and video Serdar KAHRAMAN
    13.45-14.00 Endoscopy-assisted resection of calcified thoracic disc: Case Mehdi SASANI
    14.00-14.15 Spinal endoscopy: Surgical videos Tarık YAZAR
    14.15-14.30 Case presentation: L4-5 cranially migrated herniation; TF, IL or microsurgery? Hikmet ULUĞ
    14.30-14.45 Lumbar endoscopy: Case and video Joachim OERTEL
    14.45-15.00 Extended indications for endoscopic spine surgery Altay SENCER
    15.00-15.30 Refreshment break
      SESSION 4
    Joachim OERTEL
    15.30-15.45 Decompression techniques in lumbar stenosis Tunç ÖKTENOGLU
    15.45-16.00 Hemilaminectomy and bilateral decompression for thoracic spinal stenosis Kemal KOÇ
    16.00-16.20 Unilateral approach for intradural tumors Serdar KAHRAMAN
    16.20-16.40 Anterior cervical Microforaminotomy (ACMF): Is it dynamic preservation? Abd-Elhafiz SHEHAB-ELDIEN
    16.40-16.55 En bloc cervical laminoplasty with preserving posterior structure and arcocristectomy in cervical spondylotic myelopathy Kemal KOÇ
    16.55-17.15 Case discussion: 75-year-old male with spinal stenosis, disc herniation and listhesis: How to treat? Sebastian GITTER
    17.15-17.30 Case: Lumbar spinal stenosis MIS decompression or TLIF and fusion? Joachim OERTEL
  • » 25-February-2022
    Istanbul Spine Masters
      SESSION 1
    Kemal KOÇ
    09.15-09.30 Vertebral artery mobilization and cervical tumor resection Kemal KOÇ
    09.30-09.45 Reduction of cervical spinal deformity with occipital condyle screw Özkan ATEŞ
    09.45-10.00 Management of missed or neglected hangman's fractures: report of 8 cases Abolfazl RAHIMIZADEH
    10.00-10.15 Spinal navigation in FBSS Kresimir ROTIM
    10.15-10.30 Cervical spondylotic myelopathy: WFNS recommendations on surgical indications Mehmet ZİLELİ
    10.30-11.00 Refreshment break
      SESSION 2
    Cumhur KILINÇER
    11.00-11.15 Long term results of hybrid stabilization: fusion plus artificial disc
    implantation in double level treatment in cervical spine
    Sebastian GITTER
    11.15-11.30 Cervical hybrid implants in personal experience Massimiliano VISOCCHI
    11.30-11.45 Anatomy and biomechanics of the craniocervical junction Özkan ATEŞ
    11.45-12.00 Chiari malformation: Theories and surgical options Massimiliano VISOCCHI
    12.00-12.15 Indications and methods of craniocervical fixation Mehmet ZİLELİ
    12.15-12.30 Discussion
    12.30-13.30 LUNCH
    13.30–15.00 SESSION 3
    Abolfazl RAHIMIZADEH
    13.30-13.40 OP-01 Radiological and clinic results of posterior dynamic(semirigid) stabilization in the cervical spinal stenosis
    Kemal Paksoy, Tansu Gürsoy, Salim Şentürk, Onur Yaman
    13.40-13:50 OP-02 Methylprednisolone, Betamethasone and Cryoablation Injection for Facet Joint Pain
    Ismail Bozkurt
    13:50-14.00 OP-03 Outcomes of chordomas of the sacrum and mobile spine: Clinical series with average 6 year follow up
    Habib Tadayyon Einaddin Karakoç, Mehmet Zileli
    14.00-14.10 OP-04 Sagittal balance radiological outcomes on patients submitted to C0-C1-C2 posterior fixations
    Vitor Pinto, Leopoldina Pereira, Djamel Kitumba, Rui Reinas, Oscar L Alves
    14.10-14.20 OP-05 Radiofrequency thermocoagulation of the ganglion impar for coccydynia management
    Emir Kaan Izci
    14.20-15.00 Discussion
    15.00-15.30 Refreshment break
      SESSION 4
    Özkan ATEŞ
    15.30-15.45 Lumbar spine MISS: institutional experience Tomislav SAJKO
    15.45-16.00 Case: Delayed odontoid type II fracture with complete posterior ptosis of the odontoid Abolfazl RAHIMIZADEH
    16.00-16.15 Case: Management of C2 osteoblastoma Kemal KOÇ
    16.15-16.30 Case: Multiple level lumbar epidural hematoma evacuation with unilateral approach Özkan ATEŞ
    16.30-16.45 Case: Double level traumatic spondyloptosis of the thoracic spine with Brown-Séquard syndrome Abolfazl RAHIMIZADEH
    16.45-17.00 Case: Huge pelvic meningocele below S3-operative technique Massimiliano VISOCCHI
  • » 26-February-2022
    Istanbul Spine Masters
      SESSION 5
    09.15-09.30 Compensation mechanisms in aging spine Tunç ÖKTENOGLU
    09.30-09.45 Long term results of interlaminar dynamic stabilization in lumbar spinal stenosis Sebastian GITTER
    09.45-10.00 Dynamic stabilization in spinal disorders Mehdi SASANİ
    10.00-10.15 Minimal invasive surgery of the cervical spine using navigation and robotics Ehab SHIBAN
    10.15-10.30 Artificial intelligence: Applications and impact on spinal surgery Abd-El Hafiz Shehab ELDIEN
    10.30-11.00 Refreshment break
      SESSION 6
    Abd-El Hafiz Shehab ELDIEN
    11.00-11.15 Sagittal balance and pelvic parameters: Clinical implications Onur YAMAN
    11.15-11.30 Surgical treatment of severe cervical kyphosis: Experience in 29 cases Abolfazl RAHIMIZADEH
    11.30-11.45 Adult degenerative scoliosis Onur YAMAN
    11.45-12.00 Spondyloptosis: Single stage reduction and stabilization long-term outcome Abd-El Hafiz Shehab ELDIEN
    12.00-12.15 Case demonstrations: Surgical treatment of primary bone tumors, MIS treatment for spondylodicitis- How I do it? Ehab SHIBAN
    12.15-13.30 LUNCH
      SESSION 7
    Panel: Treatment options for degenerative deformities
    Mehdi SASANİ
    13.30-13.45 Emerging technologies for the surgical treatment of spinal tumors Ehab SHIBAN
    13.45-14.00 Ossification of the ligamentum flavum in Iranian nation: Report of
    57 cases
    Abolfazl RAHIMIZADEH
    14.00-14.15 Orthrus™ dynamic implant system Ahmet Tulgar BAŞAK
    14.15-14.30 Surgery for lumbar foraminal stenosis with pedicle resection and
    dynamic stabilization
    Mehdi SASANi
    14.30-14.45 Case presentation and video: Endoscopy for lumbar spinal stenosis Salim ŞENTÜRK
    14.45-15.00 Discussion
    15.00 Closing of the meeting


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