ISMISS Turkey 2020 Endoscopy Course
Basic Training Course for Full-Endoscopic Surgery
(partnered with RIWOSpine)


October 3 and 4, 2020.

Course Venue

Hilton Doubletree Istanbul Topkapi.


Theory and principal practice of full-endoscopic spine surgery. The participants will find enough time to practice interlaminar and transforaminal approaches.


RIWOSpine trainers ( Ali Güven YÖRÜKOGLU, Dirk GOETHEL, Cumhur KILINÇER, Mehmet ZİLELİ )


  • One-day (You may register for October 3, 2020 or October 4, 2020 . The content will be the same).
  • Hours: 08.30-16.15.

Participant number

  • The total participant number will be 16 for each day.
  • The number of tables will be 4. Thus, there will be 4 participants at each table with one instructor.

Educational material and tools

  • The training will be performed on Realistic Models (TM). This models has special anatomical and material properties simulating buman body tissues, spinal structures, blood and liquor cerebro-spinalis properties and provides an optimal environment for basic courses. For the details of the models visit:
  • The endoscopic tools will be provided by Wolf company.
  • The full theoretical content of the course will be given during the course in the printed form.


  • The official language of the course is English.


08:30 – 08.40     Welcome

08:40 – 09.00     Lecture: The transforaminal full-endoscopic approach in disc herniations

09:00 – 09.30     Video demonstration of transforaminal approach

09:30 – 09.45     BREAK

09:45 – 10.00      Demonstration of transforaminal approach on the model

10:00 – 12.00      Hands-on training

12:00 – 13.00     LUNCH BREAK

13:00 – 13.20      Lecture: The Interlaminar full-endoscopic approach in disc herniations

13:20 – 13.50      Video demonstration of interlaminar approach

13:50 – 14.00      BREAK

14:00 – 14.15       Demonstration of interlaminar approach  on model

14:15 – 16.15       Hands-on training

16:15                         End


  13.02.2020 and Before  14.02.2020 – 03.04.2020       On-Site
Congress Delegate*  600.-Euro    700.- Euro   800.-Euro
Delegate        700.-Euro        800.- Euro      900.-Euro
  • “Congress Delegate” type of registration is valid only for the delegates who had also registered for ISMISS Turkey 2020 & Istanbul Spine Masters.
  • Course attendance, printed materials, 2 coffee break, 1 lunch and VAT is included to the registration fee mentioned above.
  • Total seats for the international delegates is 22. Registration will be done in "first come first served" basis.


 Participants should arrange their accomodation by their own. We suggest the course hotel "Hilton Doubletree Istanbul Topkapi" for lodging. The course secretariat would like to help you. You can reach to Mr. Naci Armagan at [email protected]

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation and name changes should  be done in written.
  • Full refund excluding the bank expenses will be done for the cancellations received before February 3 2020.
  • %50 refund excluding the bank expenses will be done for the cancellations received between February 3  - 28 2020.
  • No refund will be done for the cancellations received after February 28 2020.
  • All the refunds will be done after the course.
  • Please kindly forward the filled registration form to Prime Congress via using the contact detail written below.


Contact Person: Naci Armağan
E-Mail: [email protected] Pbx: 0216 357 23 23 Fax: 0216 357 23 33





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